Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the Best?

Quality Control

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after crude oil.

Although Jamaica is far below the coffee list, producing approximately 13 to 14 million pounds per year, it has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best Arabica coffee.

The Jamaican coffee industry has strict geographical boundaries, which define the coffee classified as Jamaica Blue Mountain. It is certified by strict inspection by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (or JACRA)that certifies its cultivating, production and exportation.

Highlighting its scarcity and exclusivity is the fact that Jamaica Blue Mountain is virtually the only coffee in the world to be packed in iconic wooden barrels, instead of bags.

Blue Mountain Coffee is graded into: Blue Mountain No. 1-3, Pea Berry and Selective.

Other grades of Jamaican coffee include: High Mountain Supreme, Jamaican Prime and Jamaican Select. 

Strict Standards

As influential as ever, every barrel of coffee must go through JACRA for quality control where the green coffee is rigorously inspected before it is exported.

This can take time and cause delays, but quality is paramount and strictly controlled, ensuring that all Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee leaving Jamaica is of the highest quality.

Furthermore, JACRA sets strict standards for the growing, harvesting, processing and marketing of the coffee, making sure that the end result is always an excellent cup of coffee.

Therefore, Jamaica Blue Mountain remains as ever – elusive, luxurious, treasured and delicious.

Quality of atmosphere

Coffee plants need to be well watered, well drained and experiencing periodic coolness during several stages of development.

The periodic coolness of the mists of the Blue Mountains and unusual volcanic soil provide its unique taste. Blue Mountain Coffee is sweet, aromatic, rich in flavor and full bodied with mild acidity.

Additionally, due to this geography the farms are small, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is cultivated, picked and the beans are sorted by hand making it extremely labor intensive.

Due to cool mountain conditions, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee takes about twice as long to grown or about 10 months in comparison to other countries. This makes Blue Mountain Coffee scarce and more expensive.